polyethylene tubes

It is available in three densities, HD / LD / LLD, mixed to achieve the desired effect. The tubes produced by Global Tube® are extruded with capacities from 5ml to 400ml in the 7 available diameters.

The PE is a thermoplastic resin with excellent insulating properties and chemical stability; It is therefore one of the most versatile materials.

available heads

flip top


available caps

standard screw cap

round edge screw cap

flip top

flip top with
integrated seal

flip top with sleeve

bicolor flip top

sponge cap

combi cap

airless pump cap


metallised cap

foil ring on cap


octagonal cap


safety seals

aluminium membrane
for screw head tubes white and silver

available for all diameters

flip top cap
with integrated seal

available for 35/40/50 diameter

flip top cap with sleeve
simple or printed

available for 35/40/50 diameter