Company profile

An experience gained
in decades of activity

Founded in 1998 in Tortona, 60 km far from Milan, it operates on an area of 20.000 square meters (10.000 covered). Global Tube® is a young and dynamic company, headed by technicians and personnel with long experience in the plastic packaging field; it is equipped with high-tech machines at optimised production capacity, able to include in a single cycle the production of tubes, their decoration and the storage in large warehouses; an intelligent logistics to serve customers quickly and well.

You Global Tube and the future

Global Tube®’s primary aim is to create a partnership with its customers, consolidating, with a continuous guarantee of quality and service, long existing relationships with “historical” customers and setting the basis for an important growth and development on new markets. This is possible only looking at the success of today as a precious and essential tool to face the challenges of the tomorrow’s market.





Millions of pieces
by Global Tube

With approximately 80 million tubes produced annually, Global Tube® occupies a leading strategic position in the Italian and European market. The most recent proposal and novelties and the continuous investments to improve the production performances testify a special attention to the request of an always more demanding and competent market. Global Tube® serves the majority of Italian companies in the field of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry, with a growing number of foreign customers. It is also present at the main exhibitions in Italy and Europe.

Certified leader in the production
of flexible polyethylene and laminate tubes

The continuous technological progress and an aggressive and flexible market requires companies always ready to offer quality products and able to compete for always more demanding customers. The production process from the incoming of the order to the delivery of the finished product is followed in Global Tube® with a professional and scrupulous modus operandi by all the staff responsible for each phase of the process.
Global Tube® has obtained several certifications and occupies a leading position in the market of flexible polyethylene and laminate tubes.